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On my other Blog I am writing about natural hair care, long hair care, health and beauty. The blog came to be when I started dealing with strong hair loss from health issues.

That is how my journey to better health began. I named it "longhaired at heart..." because I didn't know if I could always keep my hair long, but in my heart it will always be what I love most.

Sept. '09, 2 mths after the hair loss started | Jan. '10 when it ended | late 2013

At the same time, I also started posting Videos on Youtube. My original intention was to capture my hair and the hairdos on Video as long as I still can. Sad reason, I know...
In the end I did not cut my hair. As bad as it looked, I just couldn't. Everything had happened so quickly and I was still under shock. 
During the time I was able to put a "microtrimming method" I had been using for a while to good use though. By trimming the ends every month and letting the new thickness grow back down, it actually looked decent within a half year! Cutting it off and regrowing takes much longer ;)

My health problems are fixed now. Even the ones that are supposedly not "fixable". I have learned quite a lot about alternative health and diet in the past years.
I share everything on my blog also because I hope the information will help others that are dealing with similar issues.

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34 year old mom of two and Medieval Lady from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Also blogging at longhairedatheart.blogspot.com

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