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I sew, I design

But only as a hobby. I can't work under pressure. :)

I originally started sewing for Medieval Reenactment in 2003. I was 20 and still going to school, so expensive costumes were not in my budget. I gave patterns a try but hated it so much that I started making things freely...meaning I draw the pattern onto the fabric with the help of measurements and clothing I already own. I still do that to this day ^^. But the good thing is I can make what I see...I can create my own patterns from images. There are no limitations. 
I have done lots of Medieval Clothing, but also a few modern Items. I plan to do more things that can be worn day to day, also inspired by past periods, if time allows me :).

Handsewn worn in looks:
(all my designs or Medieval)

Handsewn Viking Garb with Kipchak influence, Kipchak coat, Central Asian Sheep Wool Apron, undyed linen dress at ankle length / right: Handsewn Skirt "Morticia".

Handsewn Kimono Shrug

Altered Flannel Shirt / Altered Jean Shirt to Renaissance style jacket

Asymmetrical side

Some of my Medieval Costumes:

Will try to get pictures of more costumes uploaded

I altered a viking dress pattern here (the low cut out). It was not found during any excavation but I think some creative freedom is okay if it does not look ridiculous. I'm sure there was more fashion styles available than what we dig up ;)

I made my first long sleeve dress a little too big and wide haha.../ Apron combination from 2003/ 05 that I still wear.

First self dyed dress, not bad. The leather belt is not authentic but I loved it ;)

Spanish dress from about 1000 AD, I made it after pictures from a Spanish Reenactment site / Felted wool apron with paid pattern and my old linen dress

A dress that I dyed purple using red and blue dye and I pieced several small pieces of different types of linen together to make it.

Second Apron I made that was missing another apron panel in the front here. I still wear it but I shrunk it big time on accident.

My girls (the twins, I was a Tudor and Nanny) and their cousins in pieced together outfits from scraps I had at home. I had one night for their costumes ^^.

My first "costume", that was actually just an Asian style dress with my mother's wedding dress underneath. People really loved it though haha.

Silk scarf and a leather belt for a more nostalgic feel

My first winter outfit. Heavy dark green wool, plaid apron and my great grandmother's fox stole. 

Selfmade Gugel hood. 

The kids in my dresses, more or less ;) I made the green and purple dress for the twins Huong and Lan according to the design and color they wanted. Their cousins wore old aprons of mine.

A dress that turned out a really weird color...I wanted to dye it blueish grey. The Asian Sheep Wool was a cloak still here / One of my first dresses. The fibulas are a disassembled H&M belt, the beads from a bead jewelry making set :P

First customs dress I made for my sister, I dyed it red to match her apron. For her friend I made this apron and she is wearing my old dress.

Me and my sister's friend in one of my old dresses. Note that the apron has a slope here, which I think is cute.

Etsy Shop Items

Breastfeeding dress 1

The triangular insert can be removed to nurse.

Held in place with velcro. 

Breastfeeding dress 2

Can be opened along the top seam. Modernized Edwardian (1910) Pattern.

Breastfeeding dress 3

With buttons and pleats. 


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