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I started knitting (so two needles, not a crochet hook ;) towards the end of my pregnancy July 2011. I was desperate to finish a newborn hat. 

Nowadays I can knit pretty much anything and follow most knitting patterns. I have also sold some items in my Etsy Shop, but nowadays don't make much at all anymore because the effort is not paid well in the end.  
I only offer a few select things at the moment and will be selling less in general to have more time for other things.

Most of the things you see here were actually sold. I have knit more than this, especially for family, but don't have pictures of everything right now, so I will have to update later on.
My shop used to have a different name, so that explains the different water marks.


My Knits in Looks
My Knits on Etsy

My Knits in Looks

Infinity Scarf and Mitts / Jane Austen Knits Mob Cap

Hand Knit asymmetrical shrug. Ravelry Pattern.

And a few items my grandmother knit: 
hand knit skirt

hand knit sweater

My Etsy Knits (most sold)










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