It is so hard to describe myself in just a few words. I would probably have to write a few hundred pages before you can somewhat get an idea of who I am. Is it really that important? Maybe not. The internet is anomynous afterall.

However, I'm more of the personal type. I don't act any different online than I would with a friend in real life, because personally I DO care to know a little bit about who I follow...and if they are nice. With some of the uber professional bloggers that is impossible. 

I don't live a jet set life, theres no glamour, I have no money...but what you can find here is a lot of creativity and me just enjoying life as it is :) ...

I was born and raised in Germany but did spend some time working for the US Military and lived in New York (Long Island) and San Diego, CA. Now I am back in Frankfurt am Main and enjoy the diversity of this area. 

If you are not scared to learn more, read on (lots of girly things included):

Name: Emi
Born: 1982, Frankfurt am Main, so I'm not the youngest blogger out there, but I have a lower biological age, a child like mind and an ancient soul ;P
Lived: Various small towns and villages in Hesse, Germany, Upstate NY, Long Island, Southern California.
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 165.5 cm, 5'5" (people tend to think I'm tall for some reason)
Eye color: Mostly green with some blue tones and some brown and yellow in the center.
Hair color: Auburn with orange, red, gold and neutral undertones depending on the light
Hairtype (for LHCers lol): 1a-b / M / ii(-iii) (8-10cm) Almost stick straight hair, medium thick strands, medium to thick overall volume depending on hair loss episodes ;), naturally my ponytail measured about 10cm, atm 9.
Skin: Very light beige (yellowish) with some pink undertone, light freckles that fade in winter, don't burn fast but I don't get dark fast either. 

Hobbies: Too many for one life - Fashion and Design, Knitting, sewing, Medieval Reenactment, bow shooting, photography, drawing, writing, reading, occult and mysticism, health and diet, beauty and haircare, natural medicine, natural parenting and some I can't do atm: volleyball, horse riding, badminton.

Music: I like all sorts of music but mostly - Black Metal, Folk Metal, various Goth music styles from darkwave over hellectro, industrial, Medieval Electro or Folk Music and lots of music from my youth, hip hop, rnb, pop, some j-pop etc.
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Mochi, Natto, Sushi, Knoedel, Handkaese, Sour Dough Bread, Tempura, unagi, crepes, spaetzle.

Diet: Paleo Diet for health reasons, lots of meat, little to no starch, moderate amount of carbs as in veggies and fruits, high fat (butter) (NO dairy, sugar, grains, potato, rice, legumes)
But of course I make exceptions once in a while. 

Skin Care: Minimalistic, natural products or homemade
Hair Care: Wash, air dry, oil, repeat.

Beauty ideals: I try to promote a natural look to empower women that like the same style and go against the main stream trends like lots of make up, overstyled and dyed hair, fake tan, fancy and expensive everything, superficial fake beauty ideals etc. I also want to share my healthy diet and the progress I have made when it comes to my own health.

Personality: Quiet, calm, introverted extrovert, silly, clumsy, polite, tranquil, jokester, intense, childish, exccentric, personal, thinker, creative, logical, reasonable, crafty, optimistic, free spirit, nature loving, melancholic, confident, old soul, caring, artsy, talkative, wild child, silent, secluded, idealist, unrealistic, closed off, slightly weird, passionate, philosopher, tom boy and girly girl, sarcastic, intuitive, cynical, kind, stubborn, dreamer, in my head, absnt minded....described to the best of my abilties. Needless to say these extremes scare some people ^^. 

Favorite Movie: The last Unicorn (German version, better voices)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Style: Nostalgic and whimsical, long wide skirts, chiffon, lace etc. :)

Medieval Reenactment: I started in 2003. I literally dove right in, after one fair I already joined other reenactors. For the most part I have done viking reenactment, with some turk influence to find something that matches Eurasian ethnicity. But I have plans of giving other era's a try in the future. Just it is costly and a lot of work to sew everything and buy replica items ;).

Sewing and Knitting: I taught myself sewing for reenactment. I have never used patterns, I just used logic when creating clothing. I taught myself to knit because I wanted to make baby clothing for my son. I also always wanted to be able to knit unique clothing items and accessories. 

Piercings: I like Piercings obviously. I have 15 - 6 earlobe piercings, 1 tragus, 1 helix, 1 forward helix, 1 navel, 1 septum, 2 nostril, 1 medusa (upper lip), 1 lower lip piercing. I'm pretty much done but I have considered a conch piercing or maybe another nostril piercing on the left because it is a bit uneven. I like delicate piercing jewelry, people only really notice the piercings close up. I have no plans of taking them out when I'm older. I never retired any of them. I'll be that Gypsy Grandma type with long flowing, grey hair.

Tattoos: I also like tattoos. Though I appreciate large tattoos on others, my plans only include delicate or small designs atm...with maybe a few medium sized designs for larger body parts. Current tattoos: 1 Kanji on lower back ('04), 2 butterflys on lower back ('07), 1 tree of life at the nape ('14), Runes near right thumb ('14), sun behind right ear, moon behind left ear, eye of horus on left hand, lorraine cross near left thumb, geometric shape bracelet running into philopher's stone alchemical formula on the left wrist top and bottom. My plans included collarbone tattoos (a small poem), forearm tattoo (herbs, dandelion), and maybe a few other spots...I want to try and balance it out well all over my body and generally chose designs to look like a subtle adornment rather than a large heavy image. We will see :)

Jewelry: I have a thing for handmade jewelry and semi precious, natural gemstones. Most of my jewelry I purchased on Etsy! I don't really buy at jewelry stores, but I own a few brand name items from Fossil and Marc by March Jacobs etc. I also wear fashion jewelry occasionally.

Hair Jewelry: I also have a hair jewelry collection of wooden hair sticks, combs, forks, hair slides etc. I like to create different bun styles and updos using it. 

Handbags: I have a thing for handbags. Though I don't buy any high end designers, I do splurge on name brand bags sometimes. Guess it is my only vice. But I don't spend money much else haha.

Shoes: I like most styles, but I tend to go for non stiletto heels. I like low heels best but wear biggers heels sometimes too.

Not a fancy person: I just can't get myself to truly like fancy establishments and people. Fashionable - yes, high society - no. Overpriced restaurants and such just make me think about how many cheap meals I could buy with all that money. Give me a beer and play loud metal and I'm happy. I much rather drink with friends sitting around a camp fire and playing music than being at a fancy cocktail party. :/

Natural Health: My own health declined in my early to mid eventually I had to change my approach on health. I did not want to accept these health issues and I actually got rid of them one by one. I share my experience on longhaired at heart to show there are so many things that can be done and help others.

Helpless optimist: I can't be's a curse. I shrug my shoulders at is a learning process, no point in feling down. It is counter productive. The good things in life outweigh the bad and I appreciate them every day. I do what makes me happy. I guess, if you like depression, it could be very annoying living with me because I spend a lot of time singing and dancing around the house or playing childish games with my son (the other times I'm not 'there' so I guess it makes up for it)

Photography: My grandfather was a hobby photographer. That is probably what started my interest. I loved spending time in the dark room and developing photographs. When I take pictures, in a way I "document", so I can look back and remember a beautiful moment. Photographs of me are also some sort of documentation. When I look at images of myself taken around 2004 -10 I remember a very difficult time that changed me into who I am now. When my children grow up they can see everything their mom saw and did many, many years ago. I will show my grandchildren pictures of my younger fashion blogger self and smile :) And my soul will never forget who Emi was.

I live in my own world: I don't care if many don't like how I look, or my tattoos or piercings. Won't hire me because of that? Well, I would not want to work for a judgemental person anyway. Jobs with a lot of people are not my thing, so I don't work a demanding career, but less well paid job that leave my mind more freedom. Are my ideals unrealistic? Or is it a good way to filter bad from good people...I dress however I want, people sometimes stare at me, but let them, I am happy if I wear things I truly like. I don't like chliche's...the "too old for" anything argument doesn't fly with me. People often find my hobbies weird, I find theirs are non existant or bland. I don't judge people by how they look, I judge by character and a good heart. I will be any good and interesting person's true friend. Gossip and smalltalk are not my thing, let's get to the more important topics. Though many people may be bad, I see a lot more good in them and I like to inspire good thoughts. Innocence is in the mind, not anywhere else. I value true love, even if I'm never granted to enjoy it.
I'm rather the idealist that gets hurt, than the realist that hurts people.

Darkness/ Goth: I think many have the misconception that dark things equal depression. That Goth's are sad. I actually think it is healthy to acknowledge that dark things are just a part of life, and that we can only live in harmony if we don't fear this darkness. The night may be scary, but it can also be protection. Allowing melancholy and the occasional sad moment into your life does not make you depressed. It means you don't surpress your feelings and know how to appreciate the happy moments even more. Dark Art can be beautiful, just like dark colors, fog, dark forests etc. :) 
I don't listen to metal because I want to break things, the white noise makes me feel good, the melodies and sounds are more complex. And mainstream music is usually not powerful enough to express how I feel about everything. 

Beliefs: I'm not an atheist, but I'm not someone to live by a book either. I believe into naturally knowing good from bad. I believe that science and spirtuality harmonize. People see belief too much as a set of rules than a way of life and they lose sight of what is truly good. Improving character and continuous growth is very important in my eyes.


Faar Ramezani said...

Hi Emi,
You really took the time to write your About me page. Your so honest and down to earth! Big like!

Grtz. Farah

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hello Farah! Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like it! ;)




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