Style diary of a somewhat unusual person, which is me.

What makes me unusual are my hobbies and interests but it reflects in my taste of clothing.
And while this may not be everyone's cup of tea, I still hope that the ones who share the same taste will find me.

I honestly don't care too much about expensive designer clothing because I find the prices outrageous. Most of my wardrobe consists of cheaper labels. Beautiful clothing is available also in lower price ranges.

I'm also not quick to throw out old pieces and keep combining them with new items. In general I like to layer, match and repurpose clothing items to create new, unusual looks. 

I have a certain thing for nostalgic and whimsical looks, I own many skirts and dresses, but I really enjoy all sorts of styles. One day I will dress all black and another day wear pink and purple. Just whatever appeals to me.

I also design, sew and knit clothing for a hobby. So occasionally I feature handmade items in posts.

Well, I hope you enjoy my little collection of looks :)






34 year old mom of two and Medieval Lady from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Also blogging at longhairedatheart.blogspot.com

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