‡ Fleamarket hunt for October

Fleamarkets are my vision of an ideal day :D 
And this one is especially nice

Fleamarkets are serious business ;) This lady has a great collection of vintage dresses. Many of them folk fashion that can be dressed up to look nostalgic, even victorian.

Victorian boots ♡♡ Sadly over 100 and not my size.

My face when he told me the price

Mirror of my dreams

Beautiful Sachsenhausen part of Frankfurt (transl. home of Saxons)

Looking for a small wall mirror

I was trying to selfie but the owner caught me and asked:" are you planning to buy something or just take photos." I felt caught and mumbled "...just photos", so he said "let me help you!" and held up the mirror :D

Love all these! ♡♡♡ 

One day I will make a dress out of Vintage lace

I am looking for a reading chair. Sadly it is hard to transport without a car. Surely another time.

My finds: 

A "Landhaus" Vintage Folk dress. Thanks to the simple design it can be dressed up many ways :)

1904 picture frame (note the all seeing eye), Russian Folk Necklace in silver.

Vintage women's fashion book with prints from the 1500's (reprinted)

My Look:

A bit Tatar Folk Fashion inspired. The jacket made me want to put together something of that sort. 
Trystan was super clingy so I was unable to take photos of the full outfit. I had layered a creme colored blouse with this blue Carmen shirt and wanted to take a photo without the scarf to show all the details. 

But who could be mad at him ^^ ♡♡♡

A bit more coat detail

Fashion Items:
Embroidered Jacket, chiffon skirt, belt, blouse: H&M (as always I know)
Boots: Deichmann (5th Avenue)
Bag: Fossil Sydney Mini Bag ( Eur 16 on Ebay)





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