✛ Postpartum OOTD's

I was unable to do elaborate shoots right after the hospital also because Trystan's health was affected by antibiotics he got after birth. They caused painful bloating and reflux and I hardly slept. Luckily his bloating and reflux are almost gone now after one round of probiotics. I still wanted to share these looks so I decided to lump them all together. 

First day out:

H&M Blouse and Jeans
Fossil Bag
5th Avenue boots

Trip to Bad Nauheim and Park

Casual Friday

I usually only share OOTD's on Instagram, but I decided to once in a while post a whole bunch all together. Most of the time these are more casual, with less fashionable items, but I feel they still deserve to be shared because they demonstrate how I maintain a certain level of stylishness on regular days and with two children. Meaning when I do casual, even with older items that are a bit raggedy, I still put some thought into it and match colors and clothing items. I just like that personally, even if I am not seen by the world ;)

Vintage New Yorker Jacket, H&M Top, Prada Tessuto Fabric Bag

Moby Wrap

2005 Jacket, Fossil Bag, Wrapped Bun (Wickeldutt)

First Day Home

Due to Infections we spent almost 2 weeks at the hospital. 

More Casual Fridays

Going to Playdates. Often also on Snapchat!

We got rained on

Pants - Primark
Bag - Zara
Boots, Top - H&M

Shopping for baby clothing, Ernstings Sailor Suit

These shots are usually taken by Aodhan. So the angle can be a bit different ;)

Laundry Day





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