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Dressing up in late pregnancy can be a bit challenging, especially if you don't plan to buy a whole new wardrobe. After 30 weeks, no pants were comfortable anymore other than my maternity leggings. I had already outgrown the maternity jeans which would cut into my growing hips where the elastic was sewn onto the pants (hip bones expand quite a bit, 12 cm for me)


A bit more clean and minimalistic and neutral colors. The goal was to create a casual chic look that works for pregnancy. These heels may look dramatic but they are very comfortable thanks to the platform and basically feel like a low, thick heel.

Part of the financial district in Frankfurt with the Japanese tower on the right.


I was 31 weeks pregnant and my stomach getting too big to comfortably close my jacket. To keep the bump warm I wore a scarf like shown here. It looks stylish and your bump stays warm, win/win I think!

I was still dealing with pain from a chronic kidney/pelvic/bladder infection from my baby sitting on my urinary tract and actually on partial bedrest still. I was only able to pee after laying down, if I was upright it would get stuck and worsen my problems, my kidneys got congested. So this was my chance to get out for a change and escape the couch. Being comfortable but still put together made me feel a bit better. When you spend your days at home in casual wear you are glad to get a chance to dress up (at least me) and this was comfortable enough. I was dealing with chronic pain at the time and could not walk for long and was only able to be out for a few hours all together because the pain would worsen the longer I was upright.


Make Up and Hair

My make up was inspired by @aniamilczarczyk who uses lots of copper and earthy tones and glow for her make up looks while keeping everything else natural. I really like her looks. I even used a bit of mascara here which is hardly visible in this shot but I am going very easy on it. In general photos never show how the make up truly looks. It always looks like less. I am wearing copper eye shadow all around my eyes, which again was way more obvious :/, and a brownish permanent lip color by Manhattan which holds up great! (the ones that come with a lip gloss on the other end) I added a bit of shimmer on my nose, above my lip and on the top of my cheeks. My eyebrows were in the process of growing back and I added a bit of brow pencil to correct uneven growth.

I wanted to try something messy and simple. This is a messy gibson tuck with part of my ends hanging out. To get the messy look I separated my hair into several small strands (4 ish) and tucked them in separetely, secured with bobby pins.

Inside My Zeil Shopping center with a great view:

Part of the floors at MyZeil is a photograph of Frankfurt seen from above!


Comparing a real Daniel Wellington watch to my husband's Geneva watch which was only 1 Euro on Ebay. Sadly the Geneva watch stopped working quickly but it looked decent! Idk if their watches normally last better, it was worth a try for only 1 Euro. 

I really love my DW though. I got it for Christmas because I haven't gotten a nice watch in years. The minimalistic look goes with anything. These are a lot more affordable on Ebay btw. I paid 80 instead of 140 ish. I plan to get different straps in the future, I really like the red and blue or pastel straps as well as black leather.

I got this necklace in 2005 during a trip :)

Fashion Items:
Long Bomber Jacket, Sweater, Shoes, Maternity Leggings, Scarf, Belt: H&M
Handbag: Michael Kors Haley MD
Bracelet: Fossil
Necklace: Svarowski
Watches: Daniel Wellington, Geneva





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