✛ Fate loves the fearless

"Fate loves the fearless."
-James Russell Lowell
Just a very casual look I wore on the day of my wrist surgery :)

I wanted to demonstrate how I do casual since I'm such a skirt and dress person.
I like the fit of these jeans. They are slim cut, but fit a bit lose. Nice alternative to the skinny jeans hype. My hair was just tied in a loop with the ends wrapped around. 

I stuck with a neutral color palette that I like a lot so the red bag stands out.

I think this jacket has something cute to it worn with casual items. The scarf helps to break up the black and white theme a bit as well as the blue jeans.

Can't get any more casual than a flannel shirt right?

This Fossil bag was a great, affordable Ebay find.

Flat ankle boots just go with everything :)

Fashion Items:

Jacket, Angora Wool Scarf: H&M
Flannel Shirt: KIK
Cardigan: Primark
Bag: Fossil Austin Crossbody
Boots: Rieker

Wrist is awesome btw. Will heal in no time I assume.


Alina B. said...

I really like those shoes, masculine and elegant. And the sweater is so fluffy! :3




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