✛ 1980's Handknit Skirt

I created this look around a wool skirt my grandmother knit in the early 1980's. 

It must have been a ton of work also because it was knit with a very small needle size. The color could be described as a bright Fuchsia. Very special.
It was knit in a pleated seed stitch pattern.

I felt that a slightly "witchy" look would go well with it. Pairing a few bright colors with a lot of black can still result into something a bit Gothy, despite all that color. Because overall the look contains more black and the look of each item fits the style. For example the victorian style boots, a long duffle coat, the pleated skirt. Certainly would look much different with black sneakers, pink jeans and a bubble jacket. So the point is...a "darker", Witchy/ Gothy look is still possible with color. It does not have to be only black on black. 

This can be great if you're bored with black on black or if you don't usually dress this way but want to wear something a little different without looking all gothed up.

For me it is a way to keep a Goth style but also have some variety in fashion and colors. I like all black too, but just not only that.

It was very convenient how the scarf contains the colors of the skirt and bag.

If you look closely you can see there are skulls hidden in den flower print actually. I also tried to match my nails ;)

Fashion Items:
Coat, Shawl: H&M
Flared Sleeve Sweater: Vintage 90's item from H&M
Skirt: Handmade by my Grandmother
Bag: Fossil Sydney Satchel in teal
Hat: From a local hat maker
Ankh and Snake Ring: Eulenspiegel (local shop)
Victorian Style boots: Art (France)





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