✛ the best thing to do when it's raining

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."

This look simply captures a day spent at the annual "Museumsufer-Fest" in Frankfurt am Main. It was cloudy, and it rained on and off but it was a great day still.
My aim was to look fashionable, but also to be comfortable. And with the low heels and the combination of leather jacket and shrug I felt perfect. Not the slightest bit cold or like my outfit gets in the way. The small bag was also a smart choice for walking in a crowd and a rainy day.


The Festival has lots to offer. Vendors, Food booths and Musical stages are lined up all along the "Main" river (the name is Main). Many cultural societies participate, like Finnish, Spanisch or the South American Society of Frankfurt. Traditional dance and music is displayed and items and foods from all over the world are sold. One side is more focused on the world stages and also plays, events for kids and Beer Gardens. 
When you cross any of the three bridges you get to the "Sachsenhausen" part of Frankfurt with Museums lined up along the river. Each Museum oeffers specials, some even music in the back of the building. Lots of Museums also sell little goods. At street level, by the Museums, lots of craft vendors sell their own jewelry, wood, stone and fashion designs! 
Below street level, meaning right by the river, Musical Stages are set up. From Rock over Pop, Indie, Avantgarde, Cover-Bands, Techno and House over Latin Music! I took a Video walking along the river and I hope I can get it up soon :).

What I also love about the festival is how literally EVERYONE joins in! Families bring even small children, Seniors and Teens are enjoying themselves, Punks celebrate next to people enjoying house, next to Goths, next to Metal fans, next to Old School Rockers from the 60's and 70's....and it becomes clear just how multicultural Frankfurt is. 

My Look:

I like wearing all black (or mostly black) looks that are a tad Gothy. Not only to be able to get away with Goth style for a casual event, but also because I just think it is really elegant. I wore dark lip stick and eye shadow, which certainly makes the look more edgy.

This is what I call "pale light", because it makes the skin and hair color look paler than other light. It often happens during mid day with a mix of clouds and sun. Perfect for this look ;):

Make Up:
Dark grey eye shadow, black kohl eyeliner pencil on upper lid, dark burgundy lip color (see below)

We crossed a "wobbly bridge" to get to the other side.

The shoes I wore were Vintage style loafer pumps! I absolutely adore this style! This is a very old style of shoe that keeps coming back in fashion! It works for anything. Definitely more a style essential than a trend.

Earlier during the day it was warm, so I just wore this shrug. I really like the shape of it! It is constructed in the weirdest way.

On the other side of the river we enjoyed a beer at a Houseboat Bar.
This was taken right by it with the last bit of daylight.

I had the idea to wear the shrug over the jacket and I love it! The shrug was too elaborate and did not fit comfortably under this jacket.

At night it was raining on and off. I was comfortable in my jacket+shrug combination :)

I love the rain drops in the pictures and as you can see I am a bit wet too.

You can see the dress detail here. I like the neckline and the buttons a lot! It is a bit low cut but very slightly. My boobs are always a bit too big for these kind of tops so they end underneath the seam, but I think it isn't noticeable :) 
I personally feel that with a dress like this, it is best not to wear a bra that is very tight and/ or pushes the boobs too much so it looks classy and not "porn star" ;) It is hard to say how much pushing is too much but I think once it looks painful and the boobs like "balls" it is a bit overdone.

I believe every woman should at least have one black dress that works for many occasions. You can never go wrong with it and style it many, many ways.

Oxidized silver lotus leaf necklace :)

Fashion Items:

Dress: H&M
Faux Leather Jacket: Le Chateau
Shoes: Deichmann (5th Avenue)
Bag: FOSSIL Emory Flap
Necklace: Stringofblue on Etsy
Lip Stick: Maybelline 24 hrs stay lip stick in 585


Alina B. said...

What a great outfit! I love the shrug over jacket, so cool and unique. I like both day and night photos they all bring out different details of the outfit and your skin color. My favorite is were you stand with your arms crossed in the night. Almost forgot the bag is lovely too!
The festival seems like much fun and the river is beautiful.
Where is your husband from btw?

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hehe, I think I will be wearing shrugs over jackets more often now.It is crazy how colors can change with light, sometimes I look super pale, and then not so much. Same with hair color. My husband is American with Mexican/ Native American/ Black and Irish heritage :)- hence Aodhan is super mixed.




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