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`"There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see."

I think that can be applied to so many things in life. I personally feel it is very true for the world we live in.

Today's look is a beautiful, ethereal dress. The style is a bit bohemian and a bit fairy. I kept the pictures rather scenic and included many shots with different backgrounds. So the focus isn't as much on every aspect of the outfit, but on everything around it too.

We went on a trip to Rheinstein castle by the Rhine River Valley.
"The castle was constructed in about 1316/1317. Rheinstein Castle was important for its strategic location..." read more:

To me it is one of the most romantic castles I have ever seen. The location, surrounded by the tall, lush hills of the Rhine River Valley, the water, the beautiful Garden and Terrace. Someone built and rebuilt this with a love for detail. It is also a rather small castle with lots of cozy rooms (my favorites are the small rooms in the tower)

The whole area around it just screams "fairytale". When you go down the river by boat you pass one castle after the other, they are only minutes apart.

The look:

On top of the highest tower that could be climbed

And here on the Terrace overlooking the Rhine River and the town of Assmannshausen

Overlooking the valley with a little island

Under the vines in the castle's Garden

You can see this dress has several sections that are transparent, though all the important parts are covered. I really think it is well one because it shows just enough to look interesting but not so much that it looks tacky.

My favorite is the back view :)

The front panel is quite thick so no bra is needed.


Gladiator wedges with woven detail!

I think they are so unique and they look really "earthy". Thanks to the low wedge heel they were comfortable enough for sightseeing.


Something between Bohemian and Tribal looking, but still polished.

This bag is my go to bag for all earthy looks. I think the simple design and suede texture just go so well with certain looks.

It is actually an old FOSSIL handbag that I got off of Ebay in 2008. It was NWT and only $60 (originally 140), a real steal.

The three piece necklace features a real gem stone. Lovely tiger's eye.


A little romantic


Start on the left side of your head. Losely twist 2 strands from your temples. Then move to the back of your head by adding another strand from the bottom every time you twist. Sort of like a french braid but you only twist. Make sure this is done loosely.

Gather the top half of your hair into a side ponytail. Create a little hole behind the elastic closest to your head and flip the tail through once. The grab the remaining hair and also pull it through the hole you created. Your ponytail will be a bit shorter with one part ending a little higher than the rest which creates an interesting look.

Fashion Items:
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Janet D.
Handbag: Fossil
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte

Sightseeing pictures of this beautiful castle and surrounding area:
(click for large images)

I created light leaks with my camera! :D

Hope you enjoyed it! 


Lady C said...

Very beautiful, Emi! This is my favourite look so far, I think. I'd love to own a similar dress that is so fairy like and elegant.
The scenery is quite impressive too! I love visiting castles, but I haven't seen many in Germany (mainly France). It seems I should have, though. :) I do remember visiting an amazing castle in Germany as a child, constructed for King Ludwig II (the 'mad king'?), but I don't know which one it was. Not the famous Neuschwanstein.

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you! :) I think the dress is still available a H&M or maybe on sale. They have been selling quite a few of these ethereal, airy dresses lately! :)
Germany is definitely a castle rich country. Maybe you mean this castle/ palace of King Ludwig? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linderhof
At least it was constructed for him.

Fawn said...

This look totally wins! I love the back of this dress! But I'd have to find a bra that would fit the dress (silicone bra or a bra with a nice ribbon on the back) because without I'd look totally flat and I don't like it, haha. xD

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hi Fawn!
I have seen backless bras before where the straps only went around the shoulders. There are also glue on silicone bras I believe :)
I think the embroidered front panel also will be very flattering to many bust sizes. It doesn't exaggerate nor flatten.




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