✛ Post-Black Metal inspired, romantic all black look

~A genre of music that combines Post-Rock, Black Metal, and sometimes Shoegaze and Post Punk. Lyrical themes include, but aren't limited to, sorrow, beauty, surrealism, etc.

Examples of Post-Black Metal: Alcest, Silence of the Old Man, Lantlos, Shyy, Dopamine, Austere, Woods of Desolation, Amesoeurs, Heretoir...

It is pretty unusual or maybe unheard of to like fashion and to be listening to Black Metal. I know it always confused my friends when I was dressed "normal" one day and then went all out with black clothing and spiked belts/ bracelets another day. Many thought I must not be serious about one or the other.
Some of my Metal friends, the "always Band-Shirt wearing" kind, suspected I may not really be into it and were surprised when they learned otherwise.

I really don't think you have to dress as dark as the music all the time. If you think that is the only way to be a trve Metaller, then maybe YOU are the poser. I also think that after over 15 years of listening to Metal, I don't have to give a shit about a Noob telling me weather my clothing choice comes across as authentic or not.

I enjoy a pink tutu just as much as wearing a spiked arm cuffs, jump boots, all black and a corset. I don't need to dye my hair a different color to look darker or more Metal. And I can be fancy and casual. Not sure why people think one excludes the other...(?), but I enjoy a elegant dark, gothy look just as much as something that would be worn at a festival and concert (where you usually end up dirty).
I don't only listen to Metal, I actually enjoy a wide variety of music, but Metal Genres like Black Metal (the old and new kind), Folk Metal and Sub-Genres like Melodic or Depressive Black Metal as well as Post BM are among my favorites. Other music just isn't as special to me.

Some will say that this kind of music is for depressed people, or people that are in some way weird or evil. I find that it is actually the opposite for most that listen to this kind of music. The music gets me in a positive mood actually, I find it relaxing also. Some will never understand that, but that is just how it is for some. If you are a dog, don't try to understand the cat.

Now on to the look! It has 80's and 90's influences, not only because I personally like that, but also because the Genres that influenced Post BM stem from those times.

I love how this jacket can look so different, depending on how you style it. Also take a closer look at the leather, which is very soft:

Leather Jacket + Crop Top look good in my opinion :) The long skirt gives it a more romantic flair. Long black skirts to me go well with Metal Music. Somehow I associate long hair and headbanging as well as Medieval Romantic Ideals with Black Metal. 

It was very windy, which was great for my skirt, but not my hair ^^. It kept blowing back, not good for picture taking.

I paired lace up boots with this skirt. Ballerinas or Sandals would have changed the whole vibe, and I wanted to keep it Metal. The boots aren't clunky, so it still looks sophisticated enough.

A fancy handbag and Metal? Why not? Granted, I don't bring this kind of bag to concerts but for a day or an evening in the city this can work. I made sure to pick a bag that isn't very sparkly or too girly. Green + Black to me looks a bit "witchy" or "mystical". 

I own lots of FOSSIL handbags because the price and quality are just right. I would actually even consider them "affordable" because the quality of the leather and stitching is just as good as some higher priced brands.  They are however, all leather, so they are not cheap either.

It was hard to get a good picture of my Make Up. We later noticed my eyes were closed in most pictures :(. I applied purple/ brownish eye shadow as well as a bit of black eye liner.
My lips are a dark pink hue, which is softer that almost black lip stick and underlines the softness this music genre can have.

Because of this softness, I also did not go all out with spikes and studs. This gunmetal color spiked bangle does just fine.

My Pink Ruby ring to compliment the pink tones :) I wanted to show the fire/ glow it reveals in sun light. A very special, imperfect ruby. I prefer imperfect stones with inclusions (My wallet does too).
The ring was handmade.

Spiral Earrings. My husband got me these for Valentine's Day 2013. They are very versatile and have a unique look.

Fashion Items:

Leather Jacket: MANGO
Textured Knit Crop Pullover, Spiked Bangle: H&M
Boots: Sommerkind
Earrings:  amor*

Music Example: Heretoir - Wiedersehen unsere Hoffnung

Last but not least, one random picture of Aodhán. I love how he tilts his head when being photographed ^^.


Fawn said...

Oh my, Emi, you look so young and fresh in this outfit! I've no idea how you did it, because usually people don't look "young and fresh" in dark clothes. :-D Normally, I don't wear long skirts but it looks so great with the rest of your outfit.

Henrietta said...

I love so many things in this look! Tonight I will come and steal your jacket,that's for sure ;-) The skirt is so cool! And the ring is precisely my ideal ring :-)

You are right with what you said abour music. It makes me laugh when people do the dressing and that's it. Sounds like junior high school mentality and showing off, because if you ask them about their favourite bands they just scratch their heads. And I have also noticed that many people who wear metal clothes, so let's say they aren't posers, are actually quite optimistic. They laugh when they talk to one another, smile to others, have nice chats with shop assistants etc. But unfortunately many narrow minded people associate them with evil. I can try to understand depression but evil? Eating cats, really? :-D

Emi longhairedatheart said...

young and fresh is always good haha...I think the way black looks depends a lot on how you dress it up, the Make Up, Silhouettes and other colors you use. :) I wear lots of black. I love long skirts and also the very fashionable Midi Skirts. They look great with simple, casual tops too.

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Oh I will sleep in my jacket then lol! That is true about the posers. And for most it is just a short phase.
Metalheads are often very friendly. There seems to be the very open kind, who likes to talk about everything and they are usually pretty bright. Some can be a bit grumpy and very "anti-Mainstream" though ;)
Sometimes I can understand that of course, but I still prefer to remain neutral.
Eating cats? I hope not...they are much better for petting :P




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