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This is another 90's inspired look. I really enjoyed taking pictures at this location. Sadly, sometimes my camera creates noise (looks fuzzy) when I crop images or zoom in much. The downside of 16 megapixels. 

The jacket and dress are from 1996 and 1998 and were worn by me back then. It feels sort of nostalgic to be wearing this dress again now, almost 17 years later. 

The pictures were taken right by our house. We live near fields, the forest and the river. It looks especially nice in spring when the yellow Rapsflowers are blossoming. I haven't done a creative photoshoot in a while, because it is quite hard with a baby/ toddler to get that kind of creative piece, but now that he is older, he was thrilled about digging in the dirt while we were taking pictures.

First, here is a normal view of the look:

I am really glad this jacket was still in my possession, or rather, in my parents attic. I have been wearing it lots lately, since it is just such a great, basic jean jacket.

The hat is just perfect imo, not too big, not too small, which is why I have it in two colors :)

Can't see where my hair ends

I love how the camera managed to blur flower in the front and back, while focusing on some blossoms by me.

With lots of zoom, the camera creates this blur. I am actually a good distance away here.

I then had the idea to throw and catch the hat. I find it amazing in how many directions my hair strands fly here. Not sure how this happened!

And then we got some pictures with even more movement, which I really like (I was throwing and catching the hat at all times, just sometimes I threw the hat far ;)): 

Accessories, Make Up and Hair:

I am glad it is spring and my freckles are more visible. I wish they were as visible all year, but they fade a lot in winter and can only be seen up close. I applied grey eye liner pencil to the top of my lid and smudged it, by a lot. Then I drew a rather thick line underneath my eyes with a teal green pencil and also smudged it to complete the soft grunge look. Piercings and 90's go together in my opinion, because that is when they gained popularity. Though my lip piercing is a newer trend, in the 90's the most popular lip piercing was on the bottom of the lower lip. The classic "labret" (which I actually wanted at some point, but I think this one suits my anatomy better). 

My hair has been looking grungy and messy unintentionally because of all the different lengths of regrowth I have from going through hair loss 3 times since giving birth. I really don't have any intentional layers at all :/ The top part is just a lot fuller because my hair is regrowing thicker. It is kind of a long story, but it partly has to do with hormonal fluctuations while I am still breastfeeding. I tend to be sensitive to changes in Prolactin levels, but in order to breastfeed I had to get off of medication that keeps the levels stable. I have been working on solving the problem without medication and write about it on my regular blog:  www.longhairedatheart,blogspot.com

Fashion Items:

Short Jean Jacket: Arizona Denim
Floral Print Dress: Vintage H&M, "Impulse" label 
Cardigan: MEXX
Hat, earrings and Boots: Recent H&M
Small leather flap bag: 5th Avenue by Halle Berry

Pearl nostril piercings: SIX
Steel Septum Ring in 14g/ 10mm: Bodyartforms
Labret Stud in pale green: Crazy Factory

More images of this beautiful scenery:

This thingies are from fall still!

The best smirk ;)

My camera has an amazing zoom. This town is pretty far!


This horse was also far!

The forest is only starting to green, but apple and cherry blossoms are almost done because march was so warm!

A friendly snail. The tights are "self ripped" :D

The path to nowhere? 

Also zoomed in on this one. I was at least 3 meters away!


Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this different look and don't let your troubles oppress you! :)


Leneken said...

WOw! These pictures are beautful!!!
Especilly the "hat-throwing-hair-pictures"! :)

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you Leneken! I'm glad you liked them :D




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