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Quote from Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France, 1755-1793. 
This look, with the lace, flared sleeves, skirt and jacket shape reminds me a bit of Fashion from the Era of Marie Antoinette. I have read about her life and think she was a much misunderstood woman.

I paired this romantic look with Platforms because I like how they give a bit of an edge to the look. My Make Up is also inspired by the time a bit, bright red lips and black eyeliner really pop. I haven't done a look with my glasses in a while, so here you go...glasses :)

I think something that stands out about this look is how very romantic it is, much like the costumes of the time - from the floral prints on tights and the skirt, to the lace, delicate jewelry, hair bow and the structured jacket and bag.

This jean jacket is probably my favorite jacket. I just really love the design.

Here are some good close ups on the shoes:

They are made to look like Lita Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell, but they are actually by another brand. I did not feel like spending over $200 on these shoes (these were 25 Eur).

The heel is a bit slimmer than the original Litas. Thanks to the thick 5cm platform, these don't feel like high heels at all. I wore them all day on Easter. 


Women during the time wore updos, but often a small lock or ponytail hung from an updo. My version is much more modern, but I added a little bow which was common for men and women then. You can find instructions for the coiled part of the updo on my Youtube channel.

Instructions: Coil the sides like shown in the video linked above. Keep part of your bangs out. Tie a ponytail pulling half or all of your bangs into the ponytail. Then add the bow (this is a clip)


This handbag is the bag that started my love for quality purses in 2007. You can red about it here. I think it's structure and color go really well with this look. It is certainly one of my favorite handbags.

Make Up:

I wanted it to have lots of contrast, which was popular at the time. 
I darkened and thickened my eyebrows a bit by adding small strokes with an eye brow pencil. I really only do a few strokes, because otherwise it will get way to bold and dark. 
My eyes are lined with black eye liner pencil on the top and the lower, inner eyelid. For my lips I used Maybelline's 24hour lip color in "red passion".

I find it funny how the light made my hair color look really pale here. During Georgian times people actually applied powder to their hair or wore powdered wigs even to get that pale look. What you see here is just a phenomenon called "natural hair color". I don't dye my hair and my natural color can be like a chameleon, ranging from very, very dark brown, over red brown, to pale almost blonde in some light. Most of the time it is a medium to dark brown brunette color with some red tones, but wow...my hair color really surprises me sometimes ;) 

My glasses are slightly rounded and a bit pointy. I really think these suit my face best. I have tried so many glasses styles in my life and these are the first I actually like wearing. I don't wear them for looks very often but IRL I go out with glasses on many days. Most of the time I do wear contacts though and have been for almost 16 years ;). These have a very dark tortoise color, meaning they are dark black with light bits.


This is a watch that I like to wear with gold jewelry and more elegant looks. I really like the shape of the watch face as well as the little bronze colored rhine stones. A very unique, vintage looking watch in my opinion.

The rings you see here are very dear to me. The top ring belonged to my mother, who wore it when she was young and the simple gold band was actually my great grandmothers wedding ring! She died when I was four and looking at it reminds me of her. I wish I would have known her for longer.

The gold bar and pearl necklace also belonged to my great grandmother. She gifted it to my mother, who gave it to me when I left to the US in 2007.  

Fashion items:

Jacket, skirt and blouse: H&M (2006, 2008, 2012)
Handbag and watch: Fossil 54 Satchel
Shoes: Kayla Shoes (Ebay)
Jewelry: Vintage


Mihaela Pojogu said...

I like this romantic look, big prints and small accessories. Lace I think is the most feminine material.

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you Mihaela! :) I am a lover of lace myself! And most often I tend to pair more delicate or classic accessories with it.

Fawn said...

Yay! I can finally comment on your blog! Dunno why but I had some problems with that comment window to appear since the very beginning... Anyway, your outfits are totally my style! I'm really excited to see more of your outfits than just on you hair blog! ♥

Fawn said...

Yay! I can finally comment on your blog! Dunno why but I had some problems with that comment window to appear since the very beginning... Anyway, your outfits are totally my style! I'm really excited to see more of your outfits than just on you hair blog! ♥

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you! ^^ <3 I have two more looks on camera already and one will be uploaded a bit sooner than usual to make room. Glad you like them though! The comment for was having problems, I just recently fixed it. Though for some reason I still can't reply directly like I can on my other blog...




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